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The GH cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud is a complete media environment and management ecosystem that connects individuals and enterprises alike. Lightning fast, smart and dynamic, it operates like an Internet Cloud “hyperloop”, delivering new "immersive beaming" experiences to its users.
"Using advanced harmonic analysis and chaos processing, GHI has architected a completely new way to encode, store, manage, present and experience digital media over the Internet and other transport networks."
- Wade Attwood, President & CEO, General Harmonics
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Tap into the power of General Harmonics’ Cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud.

The cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud offers over 70 unique APIs to advance your app or platform with powerful new ways to monetize modern Internet connectivity and social interactivity​.

Evolve your business with
immersive beaming, deep audio & video harmonic analysis,
​multi-modal cloud assisted delivery and inter-media synchronization.
  1. cDM Processor
    Designed as a modular software system, the DM Processor performs highly detailed analysis and decomposition of media signals to create highly compact, secure and flexible digital representations. It then reconstitutes user driven native synthesis from these representations to offer next-generation media experiences and dynamic transformations in real-time.
  2. cDM Cloud backbone
    Continuously evolving and self-adjusting, the DM Cloud accelerates delivery of all DM Processor encoded digital media. Architected as “Dynamic overlay peering over multi-modal edge configurable nodes”, it morphs to avoid Internet transmission bottlenecks, congestion, and data overflows to provide secure and reliable delivery and monetization of digital media over mobile and terrestrial networks in real-time.
  3. smart cDM Repository
    Digital music, video, games, voice and text data distributed all over the Internet are combined together within the smartDynamicMedia Repository which generates a complex map of sonic inner and inter file relationships. This enables music to be used to cognitively navigate through the Internet’s digital media world and instantly sync to a multitude of related digital content.

Dynamic​MediaTOLL is a suite of high performance applications for content identification, licensing, broadcast, big data analytics and monetization. It tracks all DM encoded content, identifies all rights’ holders, payment & settlement issues, geo-fencing policies, and always establishes the fastest path for content delivery across multiple networks.
 Envisioneering* Assessment​

“Having evaluated scores of audio technologies over the decades, Envisioneering can state unequivocally our confidence in the Company's position of innovation. Both our technical and market development analysts have never previously encountered such a diverse set of extensible superior audio processing, reproduction, signalling and transport technologies as those demonstrated by this Company.”

* Envisioneering was founded by Richard Doherty and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

General Harmonics International:

General Harmonics International (GHI) is a Canadian based research and development corporation employing international experts from the scientific, programming, telecommunications, professional audio and financial fields.

GHI is commercializing its revolutionary and highly innovative technologies, applications and API’s. The Company’s systems and applications are collectively designed to modernize digital communications on a global scale. Based on modern principles of physics, neural science, cognitive intelligence and digital genetics, GHI's proprietary core technologies and system design represent a radical departure from any media platforms available in today’s market.

The cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud dramatically improves efficiency and monetization of digital media, provides massive bandwidth savings and accelerated content delivery without loss of quality, effectively changing the way media content is stored, distributed, consumed and monetized.

It offers a mobile cloud platform for both businesses and consumers that adds a real-time, fluid, and emotionally heightened engagement layer, stimulating user engagement, social connectivity and content consumption.

Contact: Keith Bohn, COO
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